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Opensource: be grateful for enterprisey quirky mess

Apparently, it has taken almost a year for the most popular PHP mailing library …

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Cookie-less REST API with Laravel

We learned to rely on browser cookies for many years.

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Emails and SPAM

Microsoft’s marks the returned email as SPAM.

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Microsoft’s decided my password was too long: over 16 characters ?!

I don’t think it was a wise decision to set the character limit for passwords down to 16 characters.

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New joint venture scam from Argos

A few days ago, one of my friends bought the cheapest laptop (netbook rather) in Argos: £199.99.

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MS SQL Server: Anomalies

Backup/restore databases: After the restore, you must revoke (sp_revokelogin) and grant access (sp_grantlogin) to users again, esp. if you are restoring the database on a different machine.