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Deno Land
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much needed reset to node nodejs world is getting more stable

much needed #reset to #node #nodejs world is getting more #stable ! It can run #JavaScript and #TypeScript code; uses…

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The job of a Prime Minister

It’s one of those jobs that you cannot apply with 10+ years of experience as PM at various odd jobs!

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we are like stones on a beach, with different shapes, sizes and colours; washed and sorted; some are dirty, some…

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Federation of GraphQL Services using Apollo Gateway

… to continue discussion from previous post: GraphQL Services using Node and Apollo For the sake of separation of concerns,…

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GraphQL Services using Node and Apollo

I have prepared 2 repos to implement FakeBank using GraphQL: 1. JavaScript: 2. TypeScript: Architecture can be like…

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Liaison, with agile and a tad of perfectionism, is a craft that aims to tailor a solution to match the…

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Time Slides

Here is a new web app for creating slide shows using archive of photo albums.

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Resume Time

Introducing an app for viewing CVs using YAML format…

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Set the #expectations according to the #skills of your team members as well as yours! ( #management skills )

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Training and Certification

Take any industry; in this case #cloud / #hosting. Which vendor would you use to #invest your #time and #money,…