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Some Turkish words with Persian or Arabic origin

Over the centuries, Turkish enriched with so many words taken from other languages, simply because of the ongoing relationships of…

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Firebird SQL: The Power of Simplicity

Firebird SQL Server has always been a “proper” database system since it forked from Borland’s famous Interbase. I just love it!

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MS SQL Server: Using Remote Servers (Linked Servers)

Sometimes I need to have a quick way of transferring data from one database to another running on a separate machine, especially when the table structures are identical or similar, it saves time. M$ SQL Server 2005 has a feature called linked servers.

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TomTom: How to setup Wireless Data Connection for Traffic

After having been stuck in traffic a few times and losing quite a lot of hours, I have decided to…

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Give me my simple Windows Explorer back!

Fancy vista makeup comes with some loss of simple old features …

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A PHP Framework of Your Own

With all the respect to the people out there devoting their time and designing frameworks, sometimes great frameworks; PHP’s creator commented on that something like this…

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MS SQL Server: Anomalies

Backup/restore databases: After the restore, you must revoke (sp_revokelogin) and grant access (sp_grantlogin) to users again, esp. if you are restoring the database on a different machine.