PHP is dying faster because … (part 2)

PHP 5.0 was released in July 2004. Almost 11 years and we know that they gave up on PHP 6.0 🙁 In IT world, that is a massive failure and a huge embarrassment! Think for a minute: thousands of “genius” developers working together to improve PHP itself, rather than creating another bloody framework!!! How would … Read morePHP is dying faster because … (part 2)

PostgreSQL and Node.js – 100% JavaScript Adventure

This is a log of every step I will take to create a 100%-JavaScript application back to front. Hardware: Windows 7 64bit Home Edition ASUS laptop with Intel P6100 CPU @2.0GHz, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.12 Ubuntu 12.04.2 – Long term support Downloaded 32bit ISO image – laptop does not support 64bit virtualisation … Read morePostgreSQL and Node.js – 100% JavaScript Adventure

JavaScript Invasion – from Frontend to Backend

I have recently been forced to do some research on frontend programming because of past bad experiences, and I have seen that there has been a huge landslide on the frontend world towards JavaScript (please check github and sourceforge etc.). In our case, I have naturally recommended to split the system into subsystems/applications; mainly, backend … Read moreJavaScript Invasion – from Frontend to Backend

JavaScript Framework Hell

Any framework that improves the programming language is welcome by me. e.g. SugarJs has been programmed with this in mind: I love it! And any framework that isolates programmer from the language must be avoided at all costs! e.g. jQuery is a Texas chainsaw!

You can check it on jsFiddle. Beware, it is a … Read moreJavaScript Framework Hell

jQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands

After 6 months there was blood everywhere.. jQuery’s popularity deceived us! It is not a proper JavaScript framework. YUI,  Dojo and kinds of ExtJS are not like that. Twitter’s Bootstrap is not complete either. Without a vision like YUI’s, you cannot go far! Though, if you have too many ideas in your head you can … Read morejQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands