much needed reset to Node.js world is getting more stable

much needed #reset to #node #nodejs world is getting more #stable ! It can run #JavaScript and #TypeScript code; uses Google’s V8 engine and is built using #Rust ! Go #Deno !

I am going to try on a small project. I know that I have to write “most” of the code! :)))

+ I like the way they work with Golang mindset (aiming to have similar std modules as much as possible ). Raw source code of dependencies can be downloaded via URLs, into one “global” cache (i.e. one instance of node_modules I think). no need for transpiled versions but you can still create “bundles” and serve.

+ security is there by default. e.g. you cannot read disk unless you request that permission.

– dependency management is not great yet, I think, even though they can use import-maps. I don’t like depending on specific versions “1.2.3”, I prefer relying on “1.x” of a module, I only care about backward-compatible major version. Otherwise, it will be a mess to maintain. Again!
if I depend on 5 modules which depend on http module, I could end up running 5 different versions of http module.
“The basic format of code URLs is If you leave out the version it will be defaulted to the most recent version released for the module.”
most recent version may break my code if there is a jump like from 1.x to 2.x
if @ version can be any string like a release tag “v1.x-stable” then I am happy 🙂

– compatibility module for Node is not complete yet:

– many module developers are still porting their code:
long long way to go. give it a year, it will be much better!

Ryan was behind Node:
so, they have been rewriting it! :)))

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