Programming with too many unknowns in a dynamic language

The aim is to write code efficiently, but without compromising easy debugging, maintenance, and especially adaptability to “possible” changes in future. When I first started programming with Fortran (77), which had been used intensively for half a century in scientific and engineering applications, I learned that all variables had types: integer, real, double precision, complex, … Read moreProgramming with too many unknowns in a dynamic language

Using Subclipse = Subversion with Eclipse

Admiration for Java-way of programming has lead many programmers of programming languages to one thing: an IDE providing them with a similar environment. After VisualAge going open source and free, I think Eclipse has become one of the most popular IDEs with extensions/plugins for different programming languages. Even some commercial IDEs are based on Eclipse, … Read moreUsing Subclipse = Subversion with Eclipse