Using Subclipse = Subversion with Eclipse

Admiration for Java-way of programming has lead many programmers of programming languages to one thing: an IDE providing them with a similar environment. After VisualAge going open source and free, I think Eclipse has become one of the most popular IDEs with extensions/plugins for different programming languages. Even some commercial IDEs are based on Eclipse, because it is also a tool development tool.

Another feature/tool many of us (programmers, teams of programmers) need is to work with a version control system such as Subversion or Git. Once you start using SVN more and more, you would naturally want to make certain tasks faster, which leads to installing a SVN plugin for Eclipse: Subclipse is the answer.

First, go to help menu and select install new software and add Subclipse update site to your list of available sites.

add subclipse update site for eclipse
add subclipse update site for eclipse

Then, select available features: mainly Subclipse and client adapters are required

install subclipse features for eclipse

Accept the agreements and the installer will download the files for you, then restart Eclipse. You can easily import (checkout) a project from a SVN repository, save (commit) your changes and get (update) changes from other team members.

import project from SVN inside Eclipse

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