PHP5: Autoloading your magic!

__autoload() function can be very useful to optimize your code esp. when you have so many classes. Unlike class extensions, optional parameters with class restrictions may not load your class.

So, it’s very encouraging to use classes everywhere! Even encapsulating your functions inside simple classes to use like static modules, will help a lot! … Read morePHP5: Autoloading your magic!

Some Turkish words with Persian or Arabic origin

Over the centuries, Turkish enriched with so many words taken from other languages, simply because of the ongoing relationships of nations. Almost every language has exchanged words. Like Latin affected most European languages, Persian affected Turkish, Indian, Arabic, Urdu, etc. Similarly Turkish had contributed to other languages as well. Below is a small list of … Read moreSome Turkish words with Persian or Arabic origin

Firebird SQL: The Power of Simplicity

Firebird SQL Server has always been a “proper” database system since it forked from Borland’s famous Interbase. I just love it! In some big database applications, I found that the developers preferred to duplicate a set of tables for probably performance reasons. For example, in most accounting databases, there is a notion of company so … Read moreFirebird SQL: The Power of Simplicity

MS SQL Server: Using Remote Servers (Linked Servers)

Sometimes I need to have a quick way of transferring data from one database to another running on a separate machine, especially when the table structures are identical or similar, it saves time. M$ SQL Server 2005 has a feature called linked servers. Give a name to your server: SERVER123 Choose a provider depending on … Read moreMS SQL Server: Using Remote Servers (Linked Servers)

Give me my simple Windows Explorer back!

Fancy vista makeup comes with some loss of simple old features: Select All (Ctrl + A) items in a folder simply does NOT work anymore!? But why?! I cannot understand why Microsoft is capable of producing very popular software applications, and is still incapable of keeping usefull features ..or breaking the working parts!? Apparently, this … Read moreGive me my simple Windows Explorer back!

A PHP Framework of Your Own

With all the respect to the people out there devoting their time and designing frameworks, sometimes great frameworks; PHP’s creator commented on that something like this: “, you designed a new PHP framework, OK!” and walked away!! I am wary in using any library/framework for my PHP applications. PHP is already a scripting language, my … Read moreA PHP Framework of Your Own

MS SQL Server: Anomalies

Backup/restore databases: After the restore, you must revoke (sp_revokelogin) and grant access (sp_grantlogin) to users again, esp. if you are restoring the database on a different machine. Note: I use mixed mode authentication and prefer not to use Windows or domain users. VARCHAR or TEXT: Pro VARCHAR: They recommend to avoid using fields of type … Read moreMS SQL Server: Anomalies