jQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands

After 6 months there was blood everywhere.. jQuery’s popularity deceived us! It is not a proper JavaScript framework. YUI,  Dojo and kinds of ExtJS are not like that. Twitter’s Bootstrap is not complete either. Without a vision like YUI’s, you cannot go far! Though, if you have too many ideas in your head you can … Read morejQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands

Maintenance is not for faint hearted

Maintenance is not for faint hearted. It makes you puke every day. Don’t get me wrong; when you look at your own unmaintained unmodernized code a few years later, you’d feel the same way! ..same feeling with ZF1, Symfony 1, Doctrine 1, YUI 2, VB6: they’re all scrap metal now for a reason. You have … Read moreMaintenance is not for faint hearted