Maintenance is not for faint hearted

Maintenance is not for faint hearted. It makes you puke every day. Don’t get me wrong; when you look at your own unmaintained unmodernized code a few years later, you’d feel the same way! ..same feeling with ZF1, Symfony 1, Doctrine 1, YUI 2, VB6: they’re all scrap metal now for a reason.

You have to read the mountaineers cliff notes – ahem sorry – upgrade notes to understand me better – if there is one and if you find it easy enough to follow.

Zend Framework Migration Notes
No it does not include notes of migration from 1 to 2 😉

If you have spare time:

Is there an official upgrade guide for Symfony 1 or Doctrine 1? But this is good enough for me:

“Symfony explained to a Developer

Symfony is an Open Source distributed PHP framework. Of course, when you know how to develop in PHP, you don’t need a framework. However, it is very nice to have one!”


And this is from the Symfony creator:

” … As I’ve already said, it is just too early to know what will work best.
We will try to do our best to privide some kind of migration path. But
the actual plan is not known yet. We first need to stabilize Symfony 2.
Fabien” (dated 2010)

(“Symfony is a trademark of Fabien Potencier”:

Nope, this kind of development mind is not for me: totally irresponsible!

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