PHP Stock Profiler: Improvements

I’ve been planning to improve this application by adding a SQLite database, updating itself say every minute during the day, which will provide better performance for concurrent users, and less web traffic and better user interaction. Another benefit will be a faster analysis and then a recommendation facility based on specific criteria such as volume … Read morePHP Stock Profiler: Improvements

PHP Associative Arrays for C# .NET

I always loved the ease of use of arrays in PHP. Simple, dynamic arrays; arrays with integer indexes or string keys; hash tables, maps, collections, resizable variant arrays; you name it. In C++, you can refer to Standard Template Library (STL) and use vectors for example if you need a regular dynamically sized array, integers … Read morePHP Associative Arrays for C# .NET

PHP: magic methods

Regarding __toString

PHP5: Autoloading your magic!

__autoload() function can be very useful to optimize your code esp. when you have so many classes. Unlike class extensions, optional parameters with class restrictions may not load your class.

So, it’s very encouraging to use classes everywhere! Even encapsulating your functions inside simple classes to use like static modules, will help a lot! … Read morePHP5: Autoloading your magic!

A PHP Framework of Your Own

With all the respect to the people out there devoting their time and designing frameworks, sometimes great frameworks; PHP’s creator commented on that something like this: “, you designed a new PHP framework, OK!” and walked away!! I am wary in using any library/framework for my PHP applications. PHP is already a scripting language, my … Read moreA PHP Framework of Your Own