Training and Certification

Take any industry; in this case #cloud / #hosting. Which vendor would you use to #invest your #time and #money, #train your people?

– Market #leader, #challenger, #underdogs?

1. AWS
2. Azure
3. GCP
4. Others like IBM, AliBaba, Oracle, etc.

If your employees are already familiar with #AWS, you can “recommend” them learning #Azure; certainly, you would not force them to learn #GCP or #IBM, right?! #Ridiculous! And why would you waste precious time on #certification that is valid for only 2 years?! Certainly, the certification vendors will make it look like it is a valuable thing, not everyone can get it!

Some directors, people managers don’t understand the real value of time.

Focus on training and hands-on practice/experience with real projects. You will never know when you are going to hit the limitations of your tools until you use them.


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