To upgrade or not to upgrade XAMPP 1.7.3

XAMPP is just another package of: Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP + PEAR + Zend Framework, phpMyAdmin, Perl, FileZilla FTP Server, Mercury Mail Server, OpenSSL, Webalizer, etc. like WAMP, EasyPHP (the first of its kind I’ve known), and others: XAMPP 1.7.3 includes: — Apache 2.2.14 (released in October 2009) and PHP 5.3.1 (released in … Read moreTo upgrade or not to upgrade XAMPP 1.7.3

PHP FastCGI on LightTPD

Recently, I’ve been having issues with php-cgi.exe crashing on Apache 2.2 and IIS7 on Windows 2008. So, I’ve been searching for alternative ways of running my PHP application. I came across nginx and lighttpd. Let’s try LightTPD 1.4.28 and PHP 5.3.5. Get the Windows binaries for LightTPD from WLMP project: I chose the ZIP … Read morePHP FastCGI on LightTPD