PHP Associative Arrays for C# .NET

I always loved the ease of use of arrays in PHP. Simple, dynamic arrays; arrays with integer indexes or string keys; hash tables, maps, collections, resizable variant arrays; you name it. In C++, you can refer to Standard Template Library (STL) and use vectors for example if you need a regular dynamically sized array, integers … Read morePHP Associative Arrays for C# .NET

MS Access Reports: Sums from distinct group headers

The problem: When we use formulas on textboxes in the report footers of MS Access reports, such as “=sum(a_field_in_header)”, we get incorrect results because of duplication of same amounts for multiple items in detail section. Here is an example to make it clear: We have two tables one for header and another detail records, for … Read moreMS Access Reports: Sums from distinct group headers

PHP: magic methods

Regarding __toString