TomTom: How to setup Wireless Data Connection for Traffic

After having been stuck in traffic a few times and losing quite a lot of hours, I have decided to buy traffic addon for my TomTom One 2006 (they call it TT). For example, from Ilford to Bath it normally takes 2 hours. On one day, it took me 5 hours! If I’d known that they closed M25 between 2 junctions on my route :(((

So, TT needs to connect to a mobile phone. I have Sony Ericsson Z610i (I’ll refer as SE) on Three (3 GB) network. Using Bluetooth connection it opens a wireless data communication and gets the latest traffic information. Unfortunately, both 3’s technical support and TT’s did not help me much. 3 only passed the number of TT’s help desk: 0845 161 0009. And TT’s technical guys told me to RESET both devices, and they said “..if it does not work visit” ?!

Unbelievably unacceptable!

TomTom One

  1. SE: turn bluetooth connection on.
  2. TT: choose traffic and it says it needs to connect to a mobile phone and setup wireless data communication.
  3. TT: finds and connects to the phone
  4. SE: enter passcode, and always allow connection from TT
  5. TT: it fails when it tries to get wireless data connection settings (when progress is about 60-65%)
  6. TT: choose to do it manually
  7. TT: APN is
  8. TT: No username is needed
  9. TT: No password is needed
  10. TT: automatic DHCP
  11. TT: automatic DNS
  12. TT: dial *99***1#
  13. TT: login script is AT+CGATT=0


1 thought on “TomTom: How to setup Wireless Data Connection for Traffic

  1. No, on Nokia E63 it says:
    Unable to set up you wireless data connection.
    Do you want to change your settings?
    P.S. Turned out it needs blank for login script.
    The correct settings are:
    APN: 3internet or or whatever 😉
    Username: Blank
    Password: Blank
    DHCP: Auto
    DNS: Auto
    Dial: *99#
    Login Script: Blank

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