what is enough?

“The moral calculations of a billionaire”

“After the best year in history to be among the super-rich, one of America’s 745 billionaires wonders: ‘What’s enough? What’s the answer?’ ”

many don’t understand the difference between nominal/basic tax rate/bracket and #effective #tax #rate (based on the actual tax paid). so many people/corporates do not pay enough tax. that does not mean that we must increase their tax rates! compared to 50 years ago, it is 10 times more difficult to become rich. so, it is easy for the #rich to say “work hard and join top 1%”. if there’s finite amount of #wealth / #resources on this planet, if some of 99% join 1%, that does not make sense, due to limited resources and competition for it. e.g. it can be 98% vs 2%. that means wealth is being redistributed.

but applying brutal taxation force (increasing rates) is not solution either. …maybe by just being stricter in tax #regulation and make sure that there are no ways to avoid paying tax! maybe there is a sense of #guilt when we question our “high” seat in society. maybe we should “educate” our children better about justice and equality. maybe it is too late for the old and rich. maybe we should “encourage” the rich to pay their fair share back to the society.

then maybe everyone could have more #meaning, #peace, #love and #satisfaction in our lives. otherwise, we will keep wasting our lives and keep asking the same questions:

what is enough?

why did I come to this world?

what am I doing?

why am I doing it?

what is my legacy?

what is success?

ref: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/01/30/moral-calculations-billionaire/

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