#IT #projects, #consultants and their #costs, #excuses, tactics to #upsell #simple solutions as #advanced and complicated ones! You know what I mean 😉 so… a guy went to a counselour, and said:

– “when I sleep on my bed, I feel like someone is sleeping under it. when I sleep under it, I feel like someone is sleeping on it.”

the counselour said:

– “I will help you, but you have to visit me twice a week for 6 months, it only costs £200 per hour.”

the guy never went back, because it’d cost around £10k.

one day, he saw the consellour on the street, the consellour asked:
– “why did you not come and see me? you had a problem.”.

he said:
– “yeah, I solved it for about £10”.

the counsellor was surprised: “how?!”

the guy said:
– “one day I was drinking at a pub, I told my problem to the barman, and he said: ‘cut the legs of your bed!’ ”

That is how I approach to problems I face! 🙂

First, try getting rid of the problem, rather than solving it. Many developers create more problems on top of the clients’ problems!!!

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