Working outside London is like Time Travel

I cannot work for a company outside London again! It is like time travel, going back 10 years, if not more! This is about mentality. (“London” = a big city full of people, without fear of “new”, staying up-to-date with the latest tech, hating anything “legacy”.) Salford, Manchester: after Canary Wharf, the second proof that you … Read moreWorking outside London is like Time Travel

jQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands

After 6 months there was blood everywhere.. jQuery’s popularity deceived us! It is not a proper JavaScript framework. YUI,  Dojo and kinds of ExtJS are not like that. Twitter’s Bootstrap is not complete either. Without a vision like YUI’s, you cannot go far! Though, if you have too many ideas in your head you can … Read morejQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands

Which one is worse China or Turkey?

Censorship on the net! Turkish court bans Blogger! Turkish Daily News The Inquisitr Today’s Zaman Eurasia Daily Monitor