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Fragile Virtualization

I was helping an old client tonight. We suddenly lost connection to the server (a Virtual Machine for a Windows Server). When we were able to connect again, we realized some differences: a folder was missing; then, we noticed a test database was missing; we also understood that the system was one week old! How …

Conscious Discrimination

Psychologists claim that discrimination is wired in our brains, starting at early stages of our lives. Please read: “Even babies discriminate: a nurtureshock excerpt” Since our brains are making many unconscious decisions most of the time, we have to try hard consciously and avoid behaviour that can be seen as discrimination and may upset people around …

Working outside London is like Time Travel

I cannot work for a company outside London again! It is like time travel, going back 10 years, if not more! This is about mentality. (“London” = a big city full of people, without fear of “new”, staying up-to-date with the latest tech, hating anything “legacy”.) Salford, Manchester: after Canary Wharf, the second proof that you …

Android is the next Windows

Android might be the next “Windows” because it is bloated with ****ware e.g. Gmail: say you have a “conversation” of 100 emails, each with large amounts of text esp. it creates a long tail of replies under an email by default (in my case they are just stupidly grouped as one conversation because of subject …

jQuery: Chainsaw in novice hands

After 6 months there was blood everywhere.. jQuery’s popularity deceived us! It is not a proper JavaScript framework. YUI,  Dojo and kinds of ExtJS are not like that. Twitter’s Bootstrap is not complete either. Without a vision like YUI’s, you cannot go far! Though, if you have too many ideas in your head you can …

Which one is worse China or Turkey?

Censorship on the net! Turkish court bans Blogger! Turkish Daily News The Inquisitr Today’s Zaman Eurasia Daily Monitor

British International Motor Show 2008

Car Lovers’ Rule #1: If you want to enjoy a motor show, do not take a wife and a kid! Go alone! I had to work on Saturday, and after 5 o’clock it was £5/person, anyway 🙂 Close to the entrance, on the right hand side, there were Vauxhall cars, almost all white! Interesting theme, …

After 14 years

Seeing my high school friend Onur Arikan was the “sweet” towards the end of our holiday 🙂 photos are here

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