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Another clumsy application from Microsoft: cisvc.exe

Also known as content indexing service, this process is part of Windows operating system, and it is supposed to index the files on the drive(s), which should provide faster file search and access using the indexing service catalog. Instead of speeding up your machine, it sometimes slows it down, which is probably because some dummy …

Stock Kid 2009

Another free database application from Argeus: Stock Kid 2009. Download and see it for yourself if it can help you track your inventory and costs.

VAT Kid 2009

Argeus Solutions is now giving away a free database application: VAT Kid 2009. You can download and use it for free! It is useful for small companies to enter all sales and purchase transactions without any details and get VAT return form quickly and easily. Microsoft Office Access 2003 is required. Please contact me if …

PHP Stock Profiler: Improvements

I’ve been planning to improve this application by adding a SQLite database, updating itself say every minute during the day, which will provide better performance for concurrent users, and less web traffic and better user interaction. Another benefit will be a faster analysis and then a recommendation facility based on specific criteria such as volume …

PHP Associative Arrays for C# .NET

I always loved the ease of use of arrays in PHP. Simple, dynamic arrays; arrays with integer indexes or string keys; hash tables, maps, collections, resizable variant arrays; you name it. In C++, you can refer to Standard Template Library (STL) and use vectors for example if you need a regular dynamically sized array, integers …

MS Access Reports: Sums from distinct group headers

The problem: When we use formulas on textboxes in the report footers of MS Access reports, such as “=sum(a_field_in_header)”, we get incorrect results because of duplication of same amounts for multiple items in detail section. Here is an example to make it clear: We have two tables one for header and another detail records, for …

PHP: magic methods

Regarding __toString

Free Online Courses from Stanford University and Youtube

It’s simply incredible! 🙂 while loads of businesses are trying to convert their knowledge to CASH on the net.. Stanford University is just letting any individual attend their courses. All you need is a PC and a broadband connection! WOW! This also gives their campus students a great opportunity: if you miss a lecture, don’t …

Faster lookup using VBA Collections

Reading records from the database and instead of using DLookup or querying the database all the time, to improve performance we can read them into a VBA collection object and refer to it in memory. Especially, if the data in particular tables are not changing at all or changing very rarely, we can use this facility and hold the data in memory while the application is running. Beware of the number of records in your table and the amount of memory it may consume.

PHP5: Autoloading your magic!

__autoload() function can be very useful to optimize your code esp. when you have so many classes. Unlike class extensions, optional parameters with class restrictions may not load your class.

So, it’s very encouraging to use classes everywhere! Even encapsulating your functions inside simple classes to use like static modules, will help a lot! …